Simple Digital speedometer can show MPH or km/h

Perfect for enduro bikes, motocross bike, trials bikes and track bikes

No warning lamps

Bar chart and digital rev-counter

2 rows of data, top row shows speed and lower row shows other functions


  • Digial Speed Readout (SPD)
  • Maximum Speed Display (MAX SPD)
  • Average Speed Display (AVG)
  • Odometer (ODO)
  • Trip Meter
  • Clock
  • Resettable Riding Timer (RT)
  • Non-resettable Riding Timer (TT)
  • Digital Rev Counter
  • Programmable Shift Light
  • Bar Chart Rev Counter
  • Backlight
  • Waterproof Computer
  • Plastic Case
  • EMI/EMS Tested CE And E-Marked
  • Vibration (8G) And Mechanical Shock (100G) Tested.


Digial Speed Readout (SPD) 0 - 186MPH / 300Km/h
Maximum Speed Display (MAX SPD) 0 - 186MPH / 300Km/h
Average Speed Display (AVG) 0 - 186MPH / 300Km/h
Max Speed Sensor Input Frequency 100Hz (reed sensor / hall sensor / cable drive speedo only)
Odometer (ODO) 0-999,999 km / 0-624,999 miles
Trip Meter 2 trips, 0-999 km / 0-625 miles
Clock 12 / 24 hour clock, also displayed when ignition is off
Resettable Riding Timer (RT) 0 - 99h 59min 59sec
Non-resettable Riding Timer (TT) 0 - 9999h 59min
Digital Rev Counter 0-20,000 RPM
Bar Chart Rev Counter 0-11,000 RPM
Operating Power 12v (DC, Negative earth)
Backlight Blue backlight
Connector Plugs 110 series
Plastic Case Dimensions 95 x 72 x 27mm
Case silver & grey plastic
Power On ignition key
Compatible Wheel Size 1-3999mm

Included with the unit:

  • Head unit
  • Mounting Bracket: ACE-Y Stainless steel bracket
  • Mounting Kit: stainless steel nuts, washers, anti vibration washers
  • Speed Sensor
  • Mating multipin plugs and cables to solder / crimp into bike wiring (pigtails)
  • Operating Instructions
  • Wiring diagram

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Ace 3100 Digital Speedo

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