• Ace 5859

The Ace 5859, from the new 5000 series. We stock 2 models, the  5856 & 5859.

I include them all in the description as they are similar, the differences are:-

They all have an optional wired remote control available enabling the  lap timer function

Please note, all 5XXX units are now supplied with BLACK fascia, not Silver!!


The Ace 5859 is towards the top of the range of Acewell dashes, combining sleek looks with a host of features :-


  • Simultaneously displays, speedometer, fuel gauge, temp gauge & rev counter bar-graphics, gear indicator 1 - 8, N, P & R, there is a secondary digital display below the speed display which can be used to show clock, revs, temp etc.
  • Backlight can be switched with sidelights as per IVA requirements
  • Warning lamps, 2 x indicators, main beam, rear foglight, oil, Shift light, Over temp, battery (adjustable voltage settings), & brake warning light
  • Digital tacho 10 -19,990 Rpm, Bar Graphic tacho can be switched 500 - 10,000 or 1,000 - 20,000
  • Compatible with both car and motorcycle engined vehicles from 1 to multi cylinders (12+)
  • Speed input can connect to magnet/reed switch sensor (included) or optional cable drive adaptor or directly to many speed sensors fitted to automotive & motorcycle gearboxes gearboxes.
  • Speedo displays up to 248.5 Mph, switchable to 399.9 Kmh, will also display Max speed or average speed & mileage trips.
  • Gear indicator calculates gear by comparing speed and RPM on manual gearbox cars, so no additional sensors are required, can display up to 8 gears & N for Neutral,P for park, R for reverse
  • 100% water resistant so can be fitted to motorcycles, kitcars, off road buggies, beach buggies etc. without worrying about rain damage
  • Includes RPM sensing wire, speed sensor, temperature sensor, and wiring harness
  • Voltmeter displays 8.0 - 18.0 Volt
  • Maintenance reminder, user adjustable, hours or mileage


  • Digital temp from 25deg C to 180 deg C, 77 - 356 deg F
  • Bar temperature graphic display

Optional remote control can be added (additional cost)

  • Fully IVA/MSVA compatible with no sharp edges, with all warning lights required for the test


  • E-Marked for road vehicle use within Europe
  • Dimensions 130mm wide at base, 105mm wide at top, x 80mm high, 25mm deep

Each kit Includes:

  • 1 x Digital Dash
  • 1 x Speed sensor and magnet
  • 1 x Temperature sensor 1/8 NPT which can be used for water or oil temp.
  • Fuel Gauge adjusts for 100, 250 & 500ohm sender units, reversible for senders operating in the opposite direction
  • Voltage warning lamp can be configured for the voltages to come on and off to suit any vehicle
  • 1 x Set of cables, full wiring diagram & installation instructions.
If you require the optional remote control, please select it from the drop down menu before adding to cart


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Ace 5859

  • £199.99

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