A portable first aid kit with everything you will need for basic first aid needs for both humans and animals. This kit was designed with dogs in mind, but should be suitable for most companion animals.

The kit is contained in a case that is small enough to fit into a bag to be taken with you wherever you go. It also has a handy “belt loop” so that it can be attached to a belt if you are not taking a bag with you.


The kit contains:

1 x fabric scissors

1 x foil blanket

1 x mouth to mouth shield

1 x pair powder free vinyl gloves

4 x sterile wound cleansing wipe

1 x microporous tape

2 x soothing burn gel sachets

1 x disposable torch with pupil size gauge

1 x triangular bandage

1 x eye pad

1 x no.8 medium dress

1 x adhesive dressing

1 x low adherent dressing pad

20 x assorted wash proof plasters


Folded kit dimensions approx. 160x113x62mm – please note this may vary slightly depending on how the items are arranged in the pouch

You can obviously add items to your kit to suit your needs. We would suggest adding a tampon or two to the kit as these are very useful for filling an open wound to prevent blood loss (regulations don’t allow us to sell the kits with tampons in as this is not the intended purpose of a tampon).

Please note: most first aid kits you will see for sale do not include a torch. This is an important item for checking the colour of an animal's gums (particularly in low light levels) to check for shock. If you choose to purchase a first aid kit from elsewhere, please add a torch to your kit!


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Animal and Human Portable First Aid Kit

  • £19.95