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Immersive Battle Maps Book

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Immersive Battle Maps for Table top Roleplaying Games by Yarro Studios

30 highly detailed maps included in this book

30 giant maps 22"x17"

Lay flat binding to allow play directly in the book

Dry-erase finish on every page

Minimal 1 inch grid pre printed on the maps


Maps in the book:

-Siege on the Castle Wall
-Winderwall Boat Docks
-The Hedges of Lauren Elise
-The Greasy Minx Pub
-Ol' Brooke Farm
-Winderwall Promenade
-Kelgari Dwarven Forge
-Magistrates Mansion
-Training Barraks
-Blood and Sand Arena
-Undisclosed Rooftop Location
-Undiscovered Ice Lands
-Queen Mary At Sea
-Graveyard of the Condemned
-The Boar Booger Inn
-The Queen Mary Marooned
-Rhinestone Caves
-Winderwall Undercity
-Zapingo's Tower
-Temple of Moradin
-Winderwall Farmers Market
-Fashion District
-Alchemist's Librarium
-Spooky House
-Bandit Camp
-Winderwall Prison
-Lava Fields
-Open Field
-Dungeon Floor

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