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Tiny Epic Zombies

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Tiny Epic Zombies from Gamelyn Games by Scott Almes

Play as hopeful survivors, or play as the Zombies, in this fast paced game of brutal survival. Tiny Epic Zombies features 5 distinct play modes: Team vs. One Cooperative, Team vs. Game Cooperative, Free-For-All vs. One Cooperative, Free-For-All vs. Game Competitive, and Solo Play.

In Tiny Epic Zombies, survivors are always on the run, collecting weapons, killing Zombies and working toward completing objectives. Complete all 3 of your objectives and you may get out alive. Fail to keep the Zombies from overrunning the entire mall and you'll become their lunch!

Like other games in the series, Tiny Epic Mechs captures a larger-than-life gaming experience in a small box with approachable rules and stream-lined gameplay. It never outstays its welcome

Easy Entry, High Strategy, Low Downtime, Short Playtime, High Re-Playability, Small Box

Contents of box:
- 4 ITEMeeples
- 12 Equippable Items
- 14 Player Cards
- 9 Mall Cards
- 9 Objective Cards
- 32 Search Cards
- 1 Wooden Motorcycle
- 1 Wooden Police Car
- 1 Melee Die
- 18 Zombie Tokens
- 28 Wooden Tokens
- 33 Objective Tokens
-1 Rulebook

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