Ideal for driving schools secondary speedometer where the main one can't be seen from passenger seat. Own rechargeable battery, no wiring or complicated install procedure

NEW Brighter LED display - highly visible, comes with a windscreen mount so easily removed if required

If you are looking for a simple & straightforward secondary speedometer then look no further, this unit does just that. It doesn't have any other functions, but simply displays speed switchable from MPH to KPH - ideal when travelling abroad

The unit has its own rechargeable battery, can be charged from cigarette lighter plug (supplied) or any usb source (cable supplied) easily transferred from one vehicle to another. They have a suction windscreen mount so the unit doesn't need to be left on display when parked

The air vent mount as in the pictures is available at £1.99 if required. Some of the pictures are in bright sunlight & you can clearly see the unit is better visible than the cars own clock!

They are a small, neat unit fits in the palm of your hand & indeed can be hand held if so required. It's a small display, but bright LED's - I'm short sighted & can read it clearly from 6 feet away without my glasses! The max speed the unit will display is 999.9 MPH or KMH whichever is selected, not personally checked this out, my car's not quite that quick, but we have had people use them for land sped record attempts successfully!

Dimensions are:- Approx 65 x 55 x 25mm

Display dimensions:- Approx 50 x 30mm

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GPS Speedo - Driving School Secondary Speedo

  • £84.95
  • £79.95

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