HID conversion for any existing light with an H1 bulb, directly replaces the bulb & give standard beam pattern

These HID conversions although just 35W power consumption are some of the most powerful you can buy in terms of actuall light output, 3650 Lumens, as a comparison the H1 halogen is around 750/800 Lumens. They are designed to replace the H1 halogen bulbs used in our projector headlight units, but can be used with any unit which normally has the H1 bulb fitted. Due to their high quality & specific design they do not suffer from the distortion of the beam pattern that many cheap conversions do, they deliver the light in exactly the same position as the filament in an H1 bulb, hence giving an identical beam pattern, but vastly more light output.

Supplied as a complete kit they come with a quality metal cased ballast unit, all wiring with waterproof plugs & the HID tube which replaces the H1 bulb, the only connections required are a 12V feed & an earth, with most lights can be fitted in minutes.

Note: Rated power of the HID tube is 35W, however total power drawn is slightly higher due to current used by the ballast unit - should this be critical to your application the total current drawn is normally stable at 3.5/3.6A, around 43Watts at 12V.

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H1 HID conversion kit, bulb, ballast & wiring 3650 Lumen

  • £34.99

Tags: projector headlights, lighting