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Wireless Remote LED Strip Switch Controller 5V – 24V max 6A load

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It will work with any LED lighting up to 24V drawing 6A or less, it DOES NOT require special dimmable LEDs

Simply connect the receiver between your LED driver & your LED lights & the unit will give you full remote control within 15M of the receiver unit. Will work with any driver, transformer or battery supply between 5V & 24V.

We have tested with all our LED strip & 3 LED module lighting with great results. It can turn your lights on or off, dim them or select from 8 different programmes of dimming/increasing light in various patterns, strobe effect etc etc. There are shortcut keys for 25, 50 & 100% light & all lighting modes can be adjusted over a wide range of speed settings


Instructions for RF Wireless Remote

1.Turn On/ Standby - Press this key to turn on unit or switch to standby mode. Unit will turn on and restore to previous status as it powers up.

2. Lighting mode - Switch to lighting mode from dynamic mode.

3/8/9. Dimmer Adjust Shortcuts - Switch to 100%, 50%, or 25% brightness lighting mode.

4/6. Dynamic Mode Adjust - Switch to dynamic mode from lighting mode, or switch between different dynamic modes.

5/7. Speed Adjust -Adjust playing speed of dynamic modes. Press SPEED+ to increase seed and press SPEED- to decrease.

10/11. Brightness Adjustment (Dimmer) - Adjusts brightness. Press BRIGHT+ to increase brightness and press BRIGHT- to decrease



Ultra slim card type remote

Dynamic mode:  8 modes – speed adjustable through 10 levels      

Lighting brightness level : 10 levels      

Smooth dimmer effect        

Working voltage:  DC 5 - 24V        

Output current :  peak 12A, continuous 6A

1 to 1 Remote Paired

Auto Save Function            

Remote control mode:  RF Wireless

Remote frequency:  433.92MHz        

Remote distance :  >15m in open space


Installation for RF Wireless Remote

1. Power Supply - DC 5V to 24V power supply. The red cable should be connected to positive and black cable to negative.

2. LED Output    

The red cable should be connected to LED positive and black cable to negative. The peak output current is 12A, max continuous current 6A please reduce load if main unit is overheating.

CAUTION: Do not short circuit the LED output, this may  lead to permanent damage!

3. Remote Control – The unit is supplied with an insulator in place for safe transport & to ensure it arrives with you with a full battery & ready to use, just remove the insulator (slide out from battery compartment). The RF wireless remote signal can pass through wood, walls & similar materials, so it's not necessary to aim at the main unit when operating. Do not install the main unit withiin closed metal parts. The remote battery is 3V CR2025 type, please only replace with same type.        


Package includes:

1 x  Mini In-line LED Light Controller/Dimmer

1 x RF Wireless Remote Controller R106

Full instructions

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