• HID Photon  Projector Combined Dip & Main Beam Headlight 3650 Lumens! Silver

Fantastic new HID projector headlight. Combined dip (low) & main (high) beam within one unit. Massive lighting power of 3650 Lumens max.!

If you want lots of light, this is what you need! These 35W HID's have a max power of 3650 lumens - tested & certified. That is around 4 - 5 times the light output of a standard H1 bulb, but using only a little over half the electrical power. Please note, since the pictures were taken the loom has been slimmed down considerably & made a lot neater, makes the lights easier to fit.

Price is for 1 headlamp

The housings are the same as our individual dip (low) & main (high) beam Photon units, but offer both dip & main beam within the one unit & the power of HID. These lights work in the same way as our combined dip & main beam chassis projectors, in that they use a single  tube & switch from dip to main beam by the use of a solenoid controlled shutter, this means the tube stays on all the time once lit, so you have no "warm up time" for the HID it is always at full power, the solenoid just switches between the dip & main beam patterns.

Comes complete with ballast, tube,all wiring relay & fuse ready to fit , supplied with a H4 male plug, so very simple to fit on most bikes.

These lights can also be used with our separate mounting bracket at £4 which turns the base mount into a tilt & swivel mounting for alignment

They throw a flat dipped beam pattern, to the very best of my knowledge (see below) fully road legal for the UK on both motorcycles & cars. PLEASE NOTE! These lights are not E marked - this is not a Uk requirement, but if using them elsewhere please check your local regulations regarding E marking.

Dimensions 86mm wide, 76mm high & 130mm from front to rear


You may find ill informed comment on the internet regarding HID lighting, suggesting that it requires self levelling & headlamp wash for MoT - this is totally incorrect, for the genuine information see below:-

From the Mot Testers manual

"Vehicles equipped with High Intensity Discharge (HID) or LED dipped beam headlamps may be fitted with headlamp washers and a suspension or headlamp self levelling system. Where such systems are fitted, they must work;"

In plain English if the systems aren't fitted they aren't testable items


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HID Photon Projector Combined Dip & Main Beam Headlight 3650 Lumens! Silver

  • £144.95

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