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Tenet Waterproof Nautical Marine Digital GPS Speedometer In MPH/KPH/Knots With A Compass

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Marine GPS speedometer, displays SOG (speed over ground) & COG (compass heading over ground), max speed displayed is 999.9 in either KPH, MPH or Knots whichever is selected. It also has an odometer to record total distance travelled

We also have an analogue version (slightly cheaper) with a needle speedo that shows up to 120KPH/75MPH, the analogue version does not have the compass function

The unit has a large LCD screen that displays all of the information

This is primarily a marine unit designed for boats and ships but could be used for a kitcar, quadbike, tractor or similar outdoor use as the unit is waterproof IP67 (Note for road use construction & use states a gps speedo should not be the only speedometer!)

Simple to fit requiring 2x positive feeds (one for supply & one for the backlight) and 1x negative feed/earth

Working temperature -40 to 85 degree Celsius

We also have a mounting bracket if you want to mount onto something like a handlebar or scuttle instead of fitting in a dash

The back light can be changed between off, red and yellow

Installation steps/Features:

1. Cut an 85mm (3 3/8") hole in the panel and allow for 55mm (2 3/16") of clearance behind the panel

2. Remove the fastening ring and insert the gauge from the front, you can then keep the unit in place by replacing and tightening the fastening ring from the back

3. Insert the wire harness firmly into the gauge

4. Connect the cables according to the diagram (included in the box with the unit). You can now choose either red or yellow as the backlight (you can leave the back light off although this may make it difficult to see in bright light). The unit will work with 12V or 24V DC, when installing to a 24V circuit it is essential that the 100ohm resistor supplied is placed in series to the positive supply to both red and orange/yellow wire. Failure to do so will result in damage to the unit and will not be covered under our returns policy

5. Securely fasten the GPS antenna, preferably outside so that it has a clear view of the sky, and connect the antenna cable to the socket in the back of the gauge. DO NOT CUT THE CABLE

6. After turning the power on allow the gauge to sample the satellite signal for 1 minute. The gauge will show speed in knots SOG (speed Over Ground) and the compass COG (Compass Over Ground) only when the vehicle is moving. Important Note:- COG is not the same as heading as heading will vary depending on wind/tide etc whereas COG is the actual path you are travelling over the earth. While the vehicle is not moving all the data is frozen, so the compass cannot be used as a reference until the boat begins to move again and the signal is recovered

7. All data is for reference only and should not be trusted as the sole navigation source

8. Setting gauge and unit adjustment:

a. The gauge displays GPS Loading..... when it is sampling the signal, it enters the normal display mode in about 1 minute

b. After entering the normal display mode, press the black button, located on the rear of the unit, so that the speed switches between MPH, KPH and Knots, current distance traveled will change accordingly, the final choice will be saved automatically to save time on next use

c. This speedo has an odometer (maximum 99999km), and all data will be saved even when the unit is powered down

d. Ensure the GPS antenna has a clear view of the sky to pick up the best signal, the antenna must be fitted face up, it will not receive a full and secure signal if the unit is mounted on its side or upside down

Automatic Diagnoses:

a. When GPS LOADING is displayed on the screen, the gauge is properly functioning but indicates a weak or loss of signal. If this occurs often check for GPS blackspots in your area and check the connection of the antenna to the unit

b. When GPS ERROR is displayed on the screen, it indicates a short circuit of the GPS antenna or function failure of the GPS module

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