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Combined dip (low) & main (high) beam projector headlamp - 521

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The smallest available road legal combined dip (low) & main (high) beam headlamp on the market. 'E' marked & throw a beautifully crisp flat beam pattern. These bare 'chassis' units represent fantastic value for money. Great for cars & bikes. H1 35W HID conversion for this light now available!

 Mount the chassis unit into a fairing or existing headlamp housing, can be mounted behind glass or exposed to the weather, the front of the unit is fully sealed against the elements. They use a single H1 bulb & a clever "shutter mechanism" to switch from low to high beam. We do have soft plastic covers available for the rear of the light to keep things neat, hide the wiring away & protect from the weather. We can also supply a stainless steel bezel to give a finishing touch to the front of the light or a stainless steel bracket to assist with mounting the unit.

We can now offer a quality H1 35W HID conversion for these lights which perfectly retains the beam pattern but with the greater light output, brightness, white light & intensity of HID, plus lower power consumption, check other parts listed under projector lights

We also have a soft plastic boot to cover the rear of the light if required to make it more weatherproof & more aesthetically pleasing if the rear of the light is visible. The simplest boot to fit this light is the 70mm one, the 52mm cover will just fit, but it is very tight & requires hot water to soften the boot & "shoe horning" into place, but does give a very slim neat appearance when done, both boots require cable ties to secure them in place, you'll find the boots both in our parts & accessory listings & here in the projector light section

The smallest (bare) road legal headlight available incorporating dip & main beams within one unit, the unit measures just 50mm across the lens, 65mm the circular section around the lens & 135mm from the front of the domed projector lens to the rear of the electrical connections. It is 93mm wide across the mounting lugs

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