BMW all boxers with speedometer gear output R65 R80 R100 R100GS

The circumference setting is 1400mm for R100GS 

1380mm for high gear ration R100GS

Wiring connections as follows - Acewell colours are for ACE-4454, ACE-5856, ACE-6456, MD85-556, for other models check colours on Acewell wiring diagram against function


BMW Acewell Function
Green/Blue Red switched positive
Brown Black negative
Brown/Green light blue oil pressure
Brown/Black green/white (green tail) neutral
White light green high beam
Blue/Red orange left indicator
Blue/Black brown/white (brown tail) right indicator
Grey/Black purple backlight
  yellow RPM
Blue connect to BMW green/blue via 50 ohm 3W resistor if the alternator does not work

A permanent positive is also required to run the clock
Connect the brown wire on the Acewell to the red wire at one of the following locations:
R80RT, R100RS, R100RT - red wire on BMW clock
R65, R80 - red wire on connector for additional instruments

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ACE-S11 : BMW Boxer Speed Sensor Acewell 110/090 Series

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