• Ammonium Sulphamate - 2kg

Ammonium Sulphamate Crystals - 2kg bag

All brand new product, but repackaged into our own bags as we buy in bulk to give you the best price!

Please note – will be sent in 2 separate packages

Ammonium Sulphamate has many uses including:

Compost accelerator - particularly effective at breaking down tougher weeds in the compost heap

Accelerating the break down of rotting tree stumps

Once used as a weedkiller for particularly tough/woody weeds, brambles & tree stumps
EU legislation does not permit Ammonium Sulphamate to be sold as a weedkiller & we do not sell it for this purpose - however this legislation doesn't affect its use as a compost accelerator

Its licence for use as a weedkiller was not withdrawn on grounds of safety or efficacy - for full details on Ammonium Sulphamate, its historic uses & other useful information please click here

I cannot sell this as a weedkiller, but what you choose to do with it is obviously up to you

To use as a compost accelerator: 
The crystals can be applied directly to the compost or can be made into a solution (200g ammonium sulphamate per litre of water) and used in a spray type applicator
Treated compost shouldn't be used for at least 3 months to allow time for the ammonium sulphamate to break down
No need to prevent children & pets from using the area

Its effectiveness in accelerating the break down of rotting tree stumps can be improved by drilling holes in the stump prior to applying the crystals

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Ammonium Sulphamate - 2kg

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