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Edging trim

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Edge trim, screen trim, sharp edge trim. Protect & enhance any sharp or ugly edges

This is a top quality plastic chrome edge trim, for motorcycles or cars. On bikes it's great for screen edges, mudguards or tank seams. On Kitcars ideal for seat edges, dashboards, bonnet edges, mudguards or any raw fibreglass or metal edges from 0.5mm to 3mm thick. Price is per metre & can be supplied up to 10m long, any length over 1m will be supplied in one length

Please be aware that screens with sharper corners may require you to either cut the trim into multiple pieces to build it round or cut small triangles to allow it to bend around the corner in question. 

The pre-applied adhesive is a simple tacky adhesive and does not 'set' so you may find you need a small dot of super glue on either end of the trim allowing it to sit in place

Dimensions:- 8mm high x 5mm wide externally, fits any edge from 0.5mm to 3mm

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