• Exhaust Db killer, ideal trackday silencer & noise reducer

Exhaust silencer, noise reducer, simple to fit baffle ideal for trackdays, fitted/removed in seconds

These are a great item for temporary (or permanent) noise reduction for little loss of power.

BS approved Exhaust silencer, Db killer, trackday silencer, universal exhaust baffle

Can be installed/removed in seconds (after initial fitting, which does require drilling the existing tailpipe) secured in place with single bolt fixing

Fits most big bike cans, & can be easily fitted to most car exhausts but obviously check dimensions (given on picture) before purchase. It does fit cans with angled tailpipe, but to look neat you would need to trim excess off protruding baffle.

Can be fitted to any exhaust of 48mm I.D. if exhaust is significantly larger than 48mm then we would suggest sleeving to fill the gap if the Db killer is to be effective

Ideal for trackdays on both bikes & cars & can be used in conjunction with our repackable exhaust mat for further noise reduction (due to the construction of our mat it has no loose fibres & will not simply "blow out" through the holes in the baffle)

We use these Db killers with the ZZr1400 engine in our Furore F1 kitcar   LINK    & get around 5 - 7Db reduction at 8000 Rpm with no noticeable reduction in perfomance

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Exhaust Db killer, ideal trackday silencer & noise reducer

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