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Accoustafil type exhaust packing sheet 500mm x 350mm

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Exhaust repacking sheet 0.5m x 350mm

Our exhaust repacking mat for repackable silencers is, we believe, simply the best exhaust packing material available, vastly superior & much more user friendly & pleasant to use than loose fill, loose strand glass mat, or E glass. If you find cheaper exhaust packing in 1ft x 2ft size, or loose etc it is nothing like the same thing & nowhere near as good

This has a higher melting point than Accoustafil ZT1 (1000 Deg C compared to 900) but is about half the price!

Simple to fit. Just cut the mat with scissors to the required length for your exhaust & drop the sheets in around the perforated centre tube, it doesn't need to be a tight fit as the mat has a unique low temp melting point thread which dissolves on contact with high temp exhaust gasses allowing the compressed fibres to expand & fill available space, voids etc, so great for unusual shaped cans, oval, tri oval etc See the pictures above showing how the mat expands with heat.

Take a look at the pictures to see the sort of expansion you can expect

Loose fill, E glass & glass mat are only good for temperatures to 600 degrees C, this material is fine up to 1000 degrees C, so great for race, turbo & highly tuned engines

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