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Growl: Howly Growly Box Edition

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There are werewolves among us! We'll stab each other and try to avoid getting bitten, but when a human receives their third bite, they secretly become a wolf and turn against us!

1 copy of Growl by Joey Vigour
Howly Growly edition containing the spells and curses expansions as shown in the images and the furry bag to hold the entire game in

GROWL is like Werewolf (aka Mafia), but as a quick 10-15 minute card game for 4-10 players of all ages
The cards in your hand reveal whether you are a human or a werewolf
Humans turn into werewolves if they get bitten 3 times! 
Everyone gets to bite, stab, heal, and give gold, so we all have power, not just the loud people 
Doesn't require a moderator or phone app

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