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Tiny Epic Tactics

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Tiny Epic Tactics from Gamelyn Games by Scott Almes

You are a tactician in the world of Aughmoore and you must lead your group to victory by gaining control of the realm. At your command is a skilled fighter, a powerful wizard, a crafty rogue and a mighty beast! With 32 characters and numerous play modes to explore, including the option to build your own maps, Tiny Epic Tactics offers endless entertainment

Adventure across the realm exploring caves and slaying monsters in the solo and co=operative play modes. Then, test your tactical prowess against your friends in a free-for-all or team competition. In Tiny Epic Tactics, the choice is yours!

Easy Entry, High Strategy, Low Downtime, Short Playtime, High Re-Playability, Small Box

Contents of box:
- 6 Map Boxes
- 1 Map Scroll
- 32 Unit Cards*
- 16 Tactic Cards ~
- 1 Control Card *
- 3 Action Dice
- 9 Solo Enemy Cards ~
- 6 Dungeon Cards ~
- 16 Wooden Units
- 41 Wooden Tokens
- 1 Rulebook

Card sleeve sizes recommended:
* = 63x88mm
~ = 41x63mm

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