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Gem Red Full Set of Healing Potions for 5e D&D (Engraved)

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Gem Red Full Set of Healing Potions

Based on the 5e D&D system

This includes four glass vials with engraved cork stoppers and 24 x gem red D4

The cork stoppers are engraved with the name of the potion on the top (e.g. 'Potion of Healing') and the amount of dice and the additions for in game on the bottom (e.g. '2D4 + 2') so you always know what you need


Approximate sizes in mm (size in brackets is including the cork stopper)

Potion of Healing: 30x39 (30x45)

Potion of Greater Healng: 30x60 (30x67)

Potion of Superior Healing: 30x75 (30x82)

Potion of Supreme Healing: 30x100 (30x105)

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