HUD speedometer, improved safety, keep your eyes on the road not on the dash! Also, iIdeal for driving schools secondary speedometer where the main one can't be seen from passenger seat & you don't want to use GPS

We call it the speedo that can save your life! Every tenth of a second that you take your eyes off the road & look down at your speedometer is a tenth of a second for an accident or heavy braking to occur in front of you. On todays ever busier roads it has never been more essential to have your eyes on the road the whole time & our HUD speedometer allows you to do just that.

The Speedview speedometer takes the signal from your vehicles speed sender & displays your speed digitally at the base of your windscreen - it is NOT reliant on GPS technology (which will not work in tunnels, under overhanging trees etc.)

!!!I also have the Canbus Interface unit to accompany this item please view my other items!!!

Ideal for use as a secondary speedometer for driving school purposes where the standard speedo isn't visible from the passenger seat

Simple to Fit!

The speedview needs just 3 connections to make it operational - a 12V feed, an earth connection & a connection to the vehicles speed sensor (VSS). This can be accessed in several ways & will differ depending on the vehicle concerned. It will fit most vehicles, some very new & older (pre '95) vehicles may need further parts to fit

The simplest is if the vehicle has speed sensitive volume on the radio in which case the VSS feed can be accessed behind the radio, usually just a few minutes work, alternatively the wire from the VSS may be accessed at the vehicles ECU, at the rear of the speedo unit itself or directly from the VSS usually mounted on the gearbox - any competent DIY'er should be able to fit the unit in around an hour to an hour & a half in most vehicles

Further information on the unit Here on our website

The brightness of the display adjusts automatically (see pics) so it doesn't dazzle at night & it is perfectly visible even against bright sunlight - we supply a small display screen which sticks to the inside of the windscreen to improve contrast, the green display has been scientifically chosen as the colour most visible to the human eye. It can be adjusted to display in either MPH or KPH during the setup procedure & speed alerts can also be programmed in to warn if you're over the set speed

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HUD Speedo - Driving School Secondary Speedo - Simple 3 wire fitting

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