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This is a brilliant new concept – possibly the most versatile lighting system ever! Great, sharp, low voltage, safe, lighting & incredibly low power consumption, super energy efficiency & fully waterproof (premium chips are immersible) if required!

3 x the lumens of the 5050 chip & nearly 10 x the lumens of the 5328 chip - don't buy cheaper chips, they are simply nowhere near as good!!

Technical specification: 5630 SMD LED chip

67mm long, 18mm wide, 5mm thick

Fully Immersible

Life expectancy 50,000 hours

12 – 15V dc

1.5W per module max

3 pcs SMD 5630 LED each module

Fixing: double-sided adhesive or screws

Shell Material: ABS anti-static

Colour Temperature :

Cool white – 4200K approx 170 lumens; Warm white – 3000K approx 160 lumens

Can be used in kitchens, cupboards, cabinets, under cabinet/plinth, sheds, garages, work stations, concealed lighting, niches, cars, motorcycles, caravans, motorhomes, boats, fish tanks, underwater lighting, channel lighting, signboards etc, etc. – anywhere that you want a small, low cost, efficient, variable power lighting system which can provide as much or as little light as required in a given area.

The pictures showing the cooker hood has 2 sets of 2 modules used to replace 2 x 20W halogen lights – a saving in use of around 36W!!! & giving better lighting of the area. The ones showing under cabinet lights are using 4 units at the standard length under a 900mm cabinet & would compare well with using an 8 – 12W fluorescent tube & saving around 6 - 10W, those showing plinth lighting are again at the standard 75mm spacing, they could probably be set at least twice as far apart for this purpose. You will see the units can be mounted, back to back, in a circle, however you choose, the possibilities are limited only by your imagination!

Each led module consists of 3 leds, using the 5630 SMD LED chip. This is the most powerful of the common SMD LED chips, &, more to the point, gives out the most light (the 5630 gives out around 3 times the lumens of the 5050 & nearly 10 times the lumens of the 5328:- source Wikipedia) whilst drawing tiny amounts of power, each chip consumes around 0.5W, so each 3 led module is just 1.5W max (in practice if used correctly with one of our LED drivers we find a typical power consumption of less than 0.3W per led, so less than 1W per module whilst giving around 170 lumens per module).

Combinations will be sent as 1 strip if available, up to 20 units. This means an order of 50 units will arrive as 2x 20 strips and 1x 10 strip.

The LED modules are supplied “daisy chained” together & have double sided foam tape already applied. They can be fixed in place using the supplied tape (to a smooth, clean, dry surface) or have 2 convenient screw holes for screw mounting if this is preferred. To “unfold” the chain just run a sharp knife across the tape & the modules then separate with 75mm of wire between each module & can be mounted in a string – see the pictures for a better understanding. If you want to space the modules out further then simply extend the wiring between each module – if you want more light in one area then simply put 2 or 3 modules side by side. You can have as many or as few modules in one area as you need. All units supplied in multiples will be supplied connected, with a minimum of 25mm wiring tails at each end, bear in mind these are diodes so will only work connected in the correct polarity as marked on the modules – they are reverse polarity protected so you won’t damage them if accidentally connected incorrectly.

The modules are very slim, just 5mm thick, so readily concealed behind a plinth or can be flush mounted to the top or underside of a cabinet or cooker hood.

Unless supplying from a 12V battery (you can drive them using 9V, but this will reduce light output) you will need a suitable LED driver which we can also supply, they should not be driven at more than 15V (under load), driving at higher voltages generates heat, reduces efficiency & will reduce their lifespan which is normally 50,000 hours.

We currently offer 3 suitable drivers, a 10W which will drive from 3 to 12 modules, a 20W which will drive from 12 to 30 modules, & a 50W which will drive from 12 to 40 modules.

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