This is a great little extension loom for your bike, car, kitcar or whatever project you have on the go.

Absolutely dead simple to connect (see the picture) you really can’t go wrong wiring this in. Any accessory you add that’s going to draw more than a few amps should be wired through a relay such as this, this is a 30A relay so will handle just about any load you’re likely to encounter (it’s fused at 10A as standard for safety reasons, but no reason why you can’t fuse at higher ratings – the wiring is perfectly adequate for higher current) – most manufacturers standard switches are often rated at as little as 2A, hence the need for a relay

Our wiring is very simple – you have 2 loop terminals for connection to a permanent supply such as the battery, white for +ve, black for –ve  – you’ll note the short wire to the fuse is the only unfused section of the loom hence no chance of damage due to short circuit. The single white wire is the one that “trips” the relay – you connect this to the switch which is to control whatever you are fitting, this should supply a +ve feed to this white wire when you want to turn the item on.

The section of loom with another black -ve & another white +ve wire, each with female bullet connector, located together within protective covering are the 2 wires you connect to the device you are powering  – a light, radiator fan, fuel pump, HRW etc That’s it all connected up – simples!

They can also be clipped together (at the fuse housing) to make a mini fuse/relay box (see images)

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Wiring Loom Extension Motorcycle Kitcar Light Switch Relay Fuse Locost Easy Fit For 1 Item

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