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Miniature Twin Projector Headlamps, Dip & Main Beam - Two Sets for Cars

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Unique twin projector headlights. Completely unique to Furore Products, no one else has these lights! Easy to fit, easy to wire. H1 35W HID conversion now available!

Two sets of our incredible twin projector headlamps. Each set consists of a pair of dip (low) & main (high) beam units bolted together in a stainless steel bracket with side mounting holes. I believe these are the smallest road legal headlamps available & this setup with the 2 lights together is available only thro' ourselves

155mm across the width of the bracket,150mm across the mounting lugs of the lights, 80mm centre to centre of the light units

They are 145mm from the front of the domed lens to the rear of the rear cover (this distance can be reduced by cutting the boots shorter)

They are supplied without wiring & the boots are supplied uncut (the ones pictured have been cut down to give a neater fit). Only wiring required is an earth, & dip & main beam feeds, the lamps have standard male Lucar type connectors, you will need to make a small hole in the rear underside of the boot to pass wiring thro'

Due to their incredibly small size these would be ideal to fit into a skull or any specialist fairing! Also ideal for "lazy eye" conversions


They are "E" marked, Dip beam is marked E9, Main is E4

The price is for two pairs of the twin lights & bracket as pictured - each with one dip beam & one main beam configured for use on the same vehicle (i.e. one set RHD, one set LHD).

Each light takes a standard single filament 55W H1 bulb

They can be turned thro' 180 degrees & hung with the side mount at the top instead of the bottom as pictured They are ideal for Custom, Streetfighters, Kitcars, Specials,Trikes, Bikes, One offs etc.

We can now offer a quality H1 35W HID conversion for these lights which perfectly retains the beam pattern but with the greater light output, brightness, white light & intensity of HID, plus lower power consumption, just £35.99each includes bulb, ballast & all wiring (Note you will need 4 of these to convert all of the lights).

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