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Protective Roof Vinyl Film - Roof Sign Protector

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Good quality clear vinyl protector for roof, or stone chip protection approx 33 x 100cm, or 13" x 39"

 Ideal for driving instructors, taxi companies, take away vehicles etc.

 Avoid damage to your paintwork from magnetic signs etc. Can also be used at the front of the vehicle for stone chip protection (note, it can't be used on heavily curved areas)

The film is designed for people who wish to protect their car but want the film to go un-noticed, this vinyl is thicker than 3M scotchgard which was Auto Guides top pick for car paint protection, this is considered too thin by some but as with most things of this nature it depends on what you want the film to do. If you want to help protect the paint against small debree/help protect the roof of your car against magnets from a sign then this is perfect (when applying and removing magnets to/from a car or any metal surface make sure you pull/push directly to/from the metal face to avoiding sliding the magnets. The magnets sliding can cause damage to both the film and the metal underneith, especially if they are strong magnets).

Note this is not thick like some professional car wrappers offer, that is close to 3mm thick and is better installed by a professional, this sale is for much thinner film, at around 80 microns, which makes it easy to be installed at home.

The roof film is simple to apply & can be cut down to fit any size of vehicle, sent out rolled for safe transport

To apply:- First ensure area is clean & free from dust & dirt, wet the area with warm, slightly soapy water, peel backing from 1/2 of the area you want to cover & start to apply the film from the centre outwards squeezing out any water/air bubbles as you go working from the centre outwards (a credit card is ideal for this), whilst still wet the film can be moved & reapplied if necessary. Trim to size & finish.

33 x 100cm/13" x 39" approx

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