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Single Dominator Headlamp - Chrome

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Single Dominator Headlamp in Chrome, Main (High) Beam, Dip (Low) Beam & sidelight all in one light

The Single Dominator headlight has a "tilt & swivel" base mounting. These can be fitted to bikes & trikes, but are particularly suited to the Kitcar market, a common fitment on 7's to reduce weight & wind drag, they are a useful update to anything fitted with 5 & 3/4" or 7" traditional headlights.

They have Main (High) beam, Dip (Low) beam & sidelight all in the one unit

They accept the standard H4 bulb & throw a flat beam pattern, fine for use in the UK & Europe.

Dimensions are 90mm across the lens, 105mm total diameter and 130mm from front of lens to rear of housing.

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