Acewell Ace 260 digital speedometer, hours meter & fuel gauge, with built in warning lights. All units come with full instructions & wiring diagram.

Small, tough and waterproof multifunction computer.
Multifunctions packed into a neat package
This Acewell speedometer is specially configured for cars and buggies as it has warning lamps for brakes and rear fog which are required for DVSA IVA test and MOT of large 4 wheeled vehicles

Positive switching Negative Switching LCD symbols


  • Digial Speed Readout (SPD)
  • Maximum Speed Display (MAX SPD)
  • Average Speed Display (AVG)
  • Odometer (ODO)
  • Trip Meter
  • Clock
  • Resettable Riding Timer (RT)
  • Non-resettable Riding Timer (TT)
  • Warning Lamps
  • Warning Symbols Backlit
  • Bar Chart Fuel Gauge
  • Backlight
  • Waterproof Computer
  • Plastic Case
  • EMI/EMS Tested CE And E-Marked
  • Vibration (8G) And Mechanical Shock (100G) Tested.


Digial Speed Readout (SPD) 0 - 248MPH / 400Km/h
Maximum Speed Display (MAX SPD) 0 - 248MPH / 400Km/h
Average Speed Display (AVG) 0 - 248MPH / 400Km/h
Max Speed Sensor Input Frequency 100Hz (reed sensor / hall sensor / cable drive speedo only)
Odometer (ODO) 0-999,999 km / 0-624,999 miles
Trip Meter 2 trips, 0-999 km / 0-625 miles
Clock 12 / 24 hour clock, also displayed when ignition is off
Resettable Riding Timer (RT) 0 - 99h 59min 59sec
Non-resettable Riding Timer (TT) 0 - 9999h 59min
Warning Lamps 6
Operating Power 12v (DC, Negative earth)
Bar Chart Fuel Gauge Input Resistance off or +/- 100 / 250 / 510 ohm
Backlight White backlight
Connector Plugs 110 series
Plastic Case Dimensions 96 x 53 x 24mm
Case black / silver plastic
Power On ignition key
Compatible Wheel Size 1-3999mm

Included with the unit:

  • Head unit
  • Mounting Bracket: ACE-Y Stainless steel bracket
  • Mounting Kit: stainless steel nuts, washers, anti vibration washers
  • Speed Sensor
  • Mating multipin plugs and cables to solder / crimp into bike wiring (pigtails)
  • Operating Instructions
  • Wiring diagram


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Ace 260 Digital Speedo

  • £91.95

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