• Ace 278 Digital Dash & warning lights

Ace 278 Fully Featured Digital Dash, Speedometer, Tachometer, Fuel & Temp Gauges, all in one small neat package

All new Ace 278 Digital Speedo Tacho Fuel Gauge Temp Gauge & Clock + Warning Lights 

Satisfies all IVA/MSVA/MoT requirements, Ideal for quad bikes & buggies - if you have a limited amount of space but still want all the features of bigger dashes then this is perfect

The superb Acewell 278 digital dash, fully water & vibration resistant & suitable for many applications, Kitcars, Specials, Quads, Motorbikes - save a fortune on individual dials or replacing motorcycle clocks - this unit has everything in one neat package.

Each unit comes with all necessary sensors, wiring harness, wiring diagrams, etc.

The unit displays :- 

  • speedometer, digital tachometer 0 - 19,900rpm, clock, temperature & fuel gauge (uses existing sender)¬†
  • Switchable BLUE backlight
  • 6 LED warning lamps for¬†¬†2 x Indicators, Main beam, Neutral, Temp & Shift warning
  • LCD has 2 digital rows, can display speedo & RPM, trip, odometer or fuel gauge simultaneously¬†
  • Odometer and total riding timer permanently stored in memory
  • Displays clock when in standby
  • Can be easily switched between MPH and KMH
  • Average speed¬†
  • Adjustable wheel circumference from 1 to 3999mm
  • Uses existing fuel gauge sender (can be switched off if not required)
  • Fully waterproof
  • Includes bracket, speed sensor, temp sensor and wiring harness

  • Vibration (8G) and mechanical shock (10G) tested

  • EMI / EMS tested, E-Mark certificate

  • Dimensions:¬† 95mm x 53mm x 23mm (w x h x d)

  • These gauges have the new fast processor & will work with most OE gearbox sender units



    Odometer & total time ridden/driven are stored in memory even when power is off

    Computer always displays clock even when other functions are powered off

    Includes bracket, Rpm sensing wire, speed sensor & fitting kit

    Excellent water resistant, anti-vibration structure & noise immunity design


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Ace 278 Digital Dash & warning lights

  • ¬£139.95

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