Acewell Ace 3252 digital speedometer, tachometer, gear indicator, fuel gauge, volts & temperature + various dash functions & hours meter. All units come with full instructions & wiring diagram.

The Ace 3252 is a very comprehensive dash, all within a small compact unit, it has all the features of the 3251, but with a orange backlight & a gear indicator for 4 to 8 gears.

Features (these features same as 3250):-
Backlit Speedometer 2.4 - 300KMH/187MPH, 2 x Trip meter & odometer, average & maximum speed functions
Bar Graphic Tachometer 250 - 8,000 RPM or 500 - 16,000 RPM switchable option
Digital Tachometer 100 - 19,900 RPM
Bar Graphic Temp 1 - 7 bars displayed
Digital Temp +50 to 180 deg C or 122 - 356 deg F
Max temp display up to 180 deg C/356 F
Max temp warning light - adjust to your own setting
Voltage Meter 8.0 - 25 Volts
Fuel Gauge displays 1 to 7 bars of fuel, display flashes as low fuel warning. Adjustable for 100, 250 & 500 ohm sender units
12/24 Hour clock, Hours meter (usage timer) for current usage & total hours

 Additional to the above it has the same fast processor as the 3251 & can therefore be used with some manufacturers factory fitted speedo sender units. They must be a Hall effect sensor & generate a square wave with a voltage of at least 2.7V

It also has the ability to display "n" & "r" within the LCD display for neutral & reverse warning (tho' could be used for other functions if desired) & has a gear indicator (calculated by the unit from roadspeed & revs) for vehicles with 4 to 8 gears. Further the fuel gauge is reversible on this unit so it can cope with additional existing fuel sender units without the gauge operating in the reverse direction.

The unit comes complete with it's own mounting bracket, speedo sensor & pickup & tacho sensing wire, temp sender & uses an existing fuel sender. It is completely adjustable for all wheel sizes/gearing & can be used with almost any petrol engined vehicle with a 12v dc supply (ac vehicles such as older bikes & scooters a stabiliser/rectifier is available), & most diesels (some adaptation required on older diesel units, contact us for details)

The unit measures 95mm across the top, 85mm across the bottom, is 72mm high & 20mm deep (all measurements approximate)

The unit can either be purchased on its own or with the addition of a surround with additional warning lights:

 BEC: 2 x Indicators, Sidelights, Main beam, Foglight, Oil, Neutral & Brake/handbrake
CEC: 2 x Indicators, Sidelights, Main beam, Foglight, Oil, Alternator & Brake/handbrake
If you require one of the surrounds please select it from the drop down menu before adding to cart

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Ace 3252 Digital Dash

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